Everyone be safe on roads

Road belongs to everyone. People who commute via walk/ bicycle deserve safe and efficient ways to traverse in the same measure that motorists do.

Road Safety: Everyone’s’ responsibility

Road is an unavoidable part of public life and safety on roads is a societal need. A public-centric approach is essential for protection and safety on roads

Data to Decision making - D2D

We work on both: to explore the best findings and to ensure we take the right decisions based on it. Understanding the safety vulnerabilities and to identify well adapted counter measures.

Be the one to save lives on your roads

Working on road safety is not complex. Anyone can do it, just introduce it in an uncomplicated and organised way. We try to inculcate a culture of volunteering for road safety as our responsibility.

Adopt ‘best practice’ in road safety from global experience

We focus on strengthening road safety institutions, knowledge transfer, capacity building, safer road infrastructure solutions, developing result focus policy and legislation, targeted interventions for enforcement and post-crash care, building up local capacities, monitoring and evaluation on multi stakeholder road safety processes.

Communicating for a change

We work with people, plan and develop from their situations, find campaign solutions, customize the way for communications and make people ready for a change on developing a new level of road safety norms.